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About The Editor

University of Göttingen PhD Candidate Antony Henk

Salve! (That's Latin for 'Hello!') Wes þu hál! (And that's Old English for 'Hello!')

My name is Antony Henk. I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Göttingen in Göttingen, Germany, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Winfried Rudolf and Dr. Thomas Hall.
I also work on our university's digital humanities project, ECHOE, or the Electronic Corpus of Homilies in Old English.
You can also find me on I can be reached via email at
The purpose of this website is to allow me to aggregate and manage metadata about relic lists and the veneration of relics in early England in a way that is easily accessible and highly amenable to searching, cross-referencing, and so on. It is also a place for me to test things like CSS styling, the design of my planned relic list corpus, and other aspects of my dissertation project. The website remains a work in progress and will be updated intermittently as I continue to edit and transcribe more and more data, include more sources, and make more discoveries about my material. If you spot any errors or other issues, please feel free to contact me!
If you're interested in the way I have coded this website or in the XML for the relic lists, check out the github repository.

If you're still looking for information about this site's fonts, sources, etc., make sure to check out the Tools I Use page.

...Now, I'm sure you're wondering: 'Why did you make this website look so utterly kitschy?!'
Two reasons: [X]
1. This is just an alpha run for a later, more serious and academic website build, so it's not that important how it looks right now.
2. There's nothing better for teaching yourself CSS and html than unhinged, unrestrained creativity!!!
Now just relax and embrace the glow-on-hover navigation buttons!

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