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Canonical Identities List

This page displays the provisional list of canonical identities to be tagged using TEI's @ref. A PDF file that describes how the names in this list were selected can be downloaded here.

The table displays normalized saint or festal group names, saint classification, the provisional base code tag, and, when available, the identifier used by the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE) to identify the saint. I have tried to locate all possible PASE identifiers, but have not yet manually checked PASE for every single saint in the list. Additionally, I am unfortunately no longer able to generate links to PASE data on my own due to recent changes to the way the database is displayed and navigated. Thus, if you are interested in checking out the details, you will have to manually navigate to that person's 'Person' page using PASE's native navigation tools here. I suggest using the 'Name' subfilter under the 'Persons' filter.

Canonical Identities for <@ref>

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